How We Pack

Nothing is more vital to a successful move than the proper packing and preparation of your household possessions. A trained and experienced packing team from Howard’s Van & Storage Ltd. brings to your home a variety of new materials to provide the finest protection for your belongings. They also bring the skills and techniques developed over many years in the business, reinforced with regular training.
    1. Paintings and mirrors are first covered in a special blanket wrap and then packed carefully into a mirror carton.
    2. Books are packed on edge for safe transport.
    3. Chandeliers, glass table tops and stained glass windows are examples of items that are very valuable and delicate. They need special care. Ask Howard’s Van & Storage Ltd. about having them crated for maximum protection.
    4. China dishes are packed in bundles, each dish separated from the other by clean newsprint. Each bundle is then placed on edge over a layer of crushed paper in a china barrel and packed snug. Layers are tiered to fill the carton.
    5. Figurines are wrapped in tissue paper with padding to protect weak and protruding components. The tissue bundle is then wrapped in clean newsprint. You may choose to have these packed into a dresden carton designed for this use. The dresden carton is nested into a china barrel with other cartons and labelled for extra care.
    6. Mattresses are very personal items you will want to completely protect. Mattress cartons in a variety of sizes are designed to safeguard mattresses and box springs while they are moved.
    7. Fragile lampshades are packed individually in paper-lined cartons with cushioning at the bottom and top.
    8. Curtains are folded lengthwise over the padded bar in a wardrobe carton and pinned to secure them in place. Then they are covered with clean newsprint, and the carton sealed. Smaller sizes may be hung on hangers in the wardrobe carton.
    9. Hats are packed with tissue paper in the crown, loosely wrapped with clean newprint, and then packed into their own carton. Shoes are individually wrapped and cushioned to protect the heels, and packed into their own carton.
    10. Individual items of upholstered furniture are first covered in an envelope of plastic protection. Then they are wrapped in clean quilted blankets for further protection. These safeguards are applied before items are loaded in the van and are not removed until the items are inside your new
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